We are a company located in Safety Harbor, Florida. After being immersed in Business and Fashion for the past 20 years, TreSett brand was born with the vision of designing well-constructed basic pieces with premium high quality fabrics to get a perfect fit and a long-lasting quality. In an effort to achieve our mission to make durable basics that actually last, we decided to keep the design and the manufacturing in the USA, this allow us to provide higher quality standars on our products and to keep transparency along every step of the supply chain. We believe that by buying quality we consume less, one of the keys to simple and sustainable living.

After launching an initial batch of basic tops to market-testing, it took us 2 years to shaped our vision, based on hundreds of customer feedbacks, we were able to come up with our best-sellers.

Our basics are versatile-essential pieces that can be styled in endless ways, high quality pieces sold at an affordable price than designer quality alternatives.

And last, but not least, we want to Empower Women by encouraging them to pursue their dreams, all our tops include - what we called - Lift-off Bracelets, as a reminder to all women out there that we all can “Shine, Lift off and Inspire the Universe”.

Enjoy your shopping and don’t forget to tag us on Instagram, @tresettus with the hashtag #GotoTop

Thank you :)

TreSett Team